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New Recommended Books

"Bloom and Farragher" publish Destroying Sanctuary: The Crisis in Human Service Delivery Systems

S.E.L.F. - A Trauma-Informed
Psychoeducational Group Curriculum

S.E.L.F. represents the four nonlinear, key areas of recovery that provide an organizing framework for the complex problems presented by trauma survivors, by families with problems, and by chronically stressed organizations.

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Here you can find many articles and links to books, most authored, co-authored, or edited by Dr. Sandra L. Bloom. Some of the articles are for laypeople; others are more technical. Some relate to the practice of psychotherapy and the treatment of trauma survivors specifically. Others, offer some ideas about how to apply trauma theory to the "bigger picture".

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Learn more about the research projects studying the implementation of The Sanctuary Model. Some examples include the Sanctuary in Schools Project, Wendy McSparren's master's dissertation research on The Sanctuary Model, Outcomes of the Sanctuary Model, and much more...

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